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Jizerske pekarny s.r.o.

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Jizerské pekárny

The company Jizerské pekárny was founded as a liability limited company in March 1993 and it has been owned by five partners.

Although the Headquarters of the company is situated in Liberec, the main business premises represents the Bakery in Česká Lípa. The Hotel Atrium in Liberec is the second place of business. The Bakery runs a net of company stores as well.

The company employs about 320 staffs. The annual revenues exceed a quarter of billion Czech Crowns (250.000.000 CZK).

To serve the needs of common business policy, especially towards the business chains and wholesale customers, became the company Jizerské pekárny a member of integrated business association Millba Czech PLC.


to the Bakery Česká Lípa
Address: Děčínská 1699
470 01 Česká Lípa Show on the map
Czech Republic
European Union
Switchboard Operator: +420 487 820 487
Fax: +420 487 820 488 (Secretariate, Mrs. Machová)
Email: c.lipa@jipek.cz

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